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Project beneficiaries in photo exhibit, October 2009

Young women and men benefiting from assistance and services delivered under the Youth Employment Project (ILO/Japan) submitted entries to the annual UN photo exhibition. The exhibition constituted an important part of the UN Day 2009 celebrations in Sri Lanka.
Trainee who received SIYB training under the project's training programme in the Tamil medium.
She lives on an estate and is now in a position to run her business in a more focused and professional manner.
This young woman from a rural area of Kegalle District produces incense sticks to support her family.
She earns a substantial amount from this effort. She receives support to improve her enterprise through one of the mentors who was trained under Youth Employment Project (ILO/Japan) mentorship programme. She is enthusiastic about her future as a businesswoman.
This young person from Kegalle District is highly optimistic about his future.
He was trained under the YE project supported mentoring programme. He is now able to run his own shop and able to earn a sufficient income and to meet his business’ and family needs. His business is repairing electronic goods.
The Youth Employment Project (ILO/Japan) imparts skills and develops the capacity of rural youth through vocational training.
Thereby they become more employable when making the transit from school into the world of decent work. This young man from a village is engaged in training in a workshop in Rathnapura district. He is being mentored by trained mentors from the Chamber of Commerce.
A motivated group of young women from plantations are engaged in the Youth Employment Project (ILO/Japan) supported garment training.
These young women in this class room have an opportunity to engage in high quality training with technical support from the Industrial Development Board working in partnership with the ILO to ensure quality training and business development support.
The Youth Employment Project (ILO/Japan) supports the home based garment sector in plantations at the request of young plantation workers who wish to supplement their income.
This woman will be able to market her goods more easily since design; cutting and packaging have been packed into the ILO course to achieve quality products.
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