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Solomon Islands: Workshop for National Action Plan on Youth Employment

The ILO and the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs will hold a two day workshop from 31 March – 1 April 2010, introducing SI stakeholders to the ILO 'Guide for the Preparation of National Action Plans on Youth Employment'.

From the media release:

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce to the Solomon Islands stakeholders the ILO Guide for the Preparation National Action Plan on Youth Employment. This workshop is conducted in the fame work of the Sub-Regional Project on Education, Employability & Decent Work for Youths in the Pacific Islands.

The guide seeks to respond to the need of countries to have a framework for the development of National Action Plans on Youth Employment (NAP). This guide points to the desired process underpinning the development of a NAP as well as to the substantive framework that aims to support its development. More importantly, the NAP is an operational document – a methodology to steer country actions on youth employment on the basis of a common agreement reached by interested parties. The process recognized that youth employment problems cannot be tackled through fragmented and isolated interventions. Rather, they require sustained and concerted actions – by several actors – over an array of policy areas.

The NAP was introduced to the Pacific through the ILO Sub-Regional Workshop on Youth Employment in Nadi, Fiji on November 2008, where Solomon Islands was represented.

Through the request of other countries, the ILO Youth Employment Project has initiated the full fledge of NAP in Vanuatu and draft in Kiribati. The NAP has been introduced only to PNG, Samoa and now in the Solomon Islands. 

For further information, contact  Edward Bernard (ILO Youth Employment Programme

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