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Adolescent Girls' Livelihoods

— theme: Youth Employment, Youth Employment Policies and Programmes, Skills for Youth, Entering the World of Work, Child Labour and Youth Employment, Most vulnerable Youth
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The Population Council, Inc. and the International Center for Research on Women, 2009 - Adolescents generally enter the labor force out of economic need to help reduce the vulnerability of their households: Families deploy adolescents for work as part of a larger household survival strategy. A family’s interest in adolescents’ work sometimes masks the potential benefits adolescents can gain from work and their right to develop livelihoods capacities. Although adolescents do not always initiate their entry to the labor force, they are nonetheless provided with opportunities to learn, grow as individuals, and glean a sense of what they might like their futures to hold. In short, how and when a young person enters the labor force can set the stage for future status and work opportunities.

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