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GEM Special Report on Entrepreneurship Education 2011

— theme: Youth Enterprise
— country: Global
— type: Reports

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Special Report, 2010 - After a brief literature review, the report presents expert opinions on the current state of entrepreneurship education and training in 30 countries. The report then details the level and sources of training received by the adult population (18-64) in the 38 countries surveyed by GEM. By examining data from the APS, GEM is able to develop profiles of individuals most and least likely to have received training. Additionally, the authors present new information on the effects of training on an individual’s entrepreneurial awareness, attitudes, intentions and activity in each of the participating countries. Then, five GEM countries provide insights about the types of advisors used by entrepreneurs. The report concludes with possible implications of these new findings and suggests areas for further research.

Alicia Coduras MartÍnez, Jonathan Levie, Donna J. Kelley, RÖgnvaldur J. SÆmundsson and Thomas SchØtt
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