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Network for Youth in Transition

— theme: Youth Enterprise, Youth Participation, Most vulnerable Youth, Skills for Youth, Youth and Migration

This is a free online resource designed to serve the needs of policymakers, programme implementers and other practitioners dedicated to learning more about how best to address youth and their transition needs.

Center for Peace Building International
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Part of the overall effort is encouraging shared ownership of the site and ongoing partnership-building for its continuous development and sustainability by encouraging all its members to share their own resources they have or come across on this site.

The primary purpose of this network site is to encourage and support evidence-based programming to more efficiently and effectively design, implement, monitor and evaluate initiatives to respond to youth issues in conflict areas. To achieve this, the Network for Youth in Transition offers a ‘one stop’ service to users by making available a variety of tools and evidence on understanding youth agency and ways to engage them in addressing their needs. It draws on expert recommendations, policy and program evaluations and assessments on practitioners’ experiences from around the world that have a specific focus on youth.

The site was also created to encourage youth-focused and youth-led agencies from developing countries to share their work on here as well, so as to add value to the currently western-based knowledge that exists on youth issues. The site offers users:

- Resources under the Forum Section that is further broken down into various sub categories. These categories contain manuals, evaluations, toolkits, research materials, books, assessments, and funding opportunities.

- Blog posts about issues pertaining to youth.

- Events that are taking place around the world for and with youth.

- Videos that highlight youth efforts and their voices.

- Youth policy related news items from around the world.

Currently the site has over a 1000 different resources and a growing membership (over 150 currently).

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