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E-discussion: Apprenticeships in Asia-Pacific Week II 2-6 July

Welcome to the joint Australia-ILO e-discussion!

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roap CoP small friends and colleagues,

 Welcome to the online discussion on "Apprenticeship systems in Asia-Pacific - What works and why?". This discussion is jointly hosted and moderated by the Australian Government and the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

This e-discussion is a continuation of a podcast debate on the same topic which was recorded earlier this month. You can listen to the podcast here and join in with your experiences and expertise in the discussion section below.

The first week will be moderated by Ms Marie Persson from Skills Australia and Mr Matthieu Cognac, ILO Youth Employment Expert. For the second week, Marie and Matthieu will be joined by Ms Akiko Sakamoto, ILO Skills and Employability Specialist and Mr Paul Comyn, ILO Senior Vocational Skills and Development Specialist.

In this second week (2-6 July), the moderators would like to hear your view on:

(1) How can a government-regulated formal apprenticeship system be used to support skills development in the informal economy?

(2) How can we strengthen informal/traditional apprenticeships to be more structured and regulated (so that apprentices' rights are better protected)?

(3) What can be done to ensure apprentices' welfare at the workplace (oversight and inspection)?


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Background note to the e-discussion

skillsSelect an image from your computer and click ok to have it automatically uploaded to selected folder and inserted into the editor. Click here to read a brief background note to the discussion. You can find more resources on apprenticeships and related issues in the pool of almost 1,000 combined knowledge resources on the Skills & Employability Network and APYouthNet.

APYN Podcast #7 - Apprenticeships in Asia and the Pacific (June 2012)


"Apprenticeships in Asia and the Pacific"

 This programme is all about apprenticeships and related best practices in our region. The show features views and experiences from apprentices from Australia and Germany, a policy maker from Indonesia and a young trade unionist from Pakistan. These first-hand experiences are discussed by the programme's expert panel: Ms Marie Persson, Skills Australia Board Member; Ms Carmela Torres, ILO Senior Skills and Employability Specialist; and Mr Matthieu Cognac, ILO Youth Employment Specialist. This podcast is a collaboration between APYouthNet and the Asia-Pacific Skills and Employability Network.

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