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1500 youth have found permanent jobs through NEC, 1 April 2013 - 1,500 youth have found permanent jobs through the National Employment Centre since 2010.

This is according to director Viliame Cagilaba also added that the Centre is encouraging unemployed youth to register with them.

Cagilaba said the youth are given various work options to consider following their registration such as formal employment, entrepreneurship, volunteer and foreign employment.

Meanwhile the current unemployment rate in Fiji is around 8.6 percent according to the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation.

CEO Nesbitt Hazelman said the group of people in the unemployment bracket is from 19 to 30 years of age and this is the most productive bracket.

Hazelman added the Ministry of Labour and National Employment Centre is doing a lot to bring down this figure.

However more work needs to be done.


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