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2.5m Nepali youths in foreign land for job

The Himalayan, 3 January 2011 - Around 2.5 million Nepalis youth have left for different countries in search of job opportunities. The immigrant workers are contributing Rs 3 billion in remittance to the country annually.

Participants of an interaction organised by National Unemployed Youth Society on Monday, said among 400,000 human resources produced in Nepal each year, some 350,000 youths leave for abroad in search of green pastures while a merge number of 50,000 get employment at home.


The United Nations has defined the population between 15-24 years of age as youth, however, Nepal accepts people between the age group 16-40 as youth.


During the programme Nepali Congress leader Narayan Khadka said the political parties should be serious towards this problem despite using the Nepali youths for political activities like banda, strike and vandalism.


Chairman of Youth Association Nepal Mahesh Basnet acknowledged that the country could save billion of rupees annually if only the corruption in the government offices, customs offices and various organizations was controlled.

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