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A youth employment project in Bangladesh wins ILO good practice contest

ILO News, 9 May 2014 - A Bangladeshi youth employment project “From Margin to Mainstream” won one of the first prizes in a good practice contest organized by the ILO and featured on MTV. The project helps young people with disabilities step into the labour market and become agents of change.

In Bangladesh, in the area of Dhaka, Action on Disability and Development (ADD) has set up a programme that helps young people with disability get out of extreme poverty and start a new life as active citizens.

Based on young people’s needs, capacities and aspirations, “From Margin to Mainstream” provides them with a combination of vocational training and temporary wage subsidies, or entrepreneurship training and business start-up funding. It benefits unemployed and low-skilled youth with disabilities who live in households that earn less than the US equivalent of 50 dollars a month.

Young people with disability face a double challenge. Not only are they hit hard by the employment crisis but they are often confronted with discrimination and structural barriers. When trapped in a vicious circle of marginalization, poverty and social exclusion, they can become financially dependent on their family.

This project, featured on MTV on 11 April, is one of the three winners – out of 103 participants – from the ILO’s Call for Good Practices for youth employment. Each proposed innovative solutions to help disadvantaged youth boost self-esteem, acquire employable skills and get a foothold in the labour market.


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