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Solomons: Addressing the needs of Solomon's unemployed youth

The recent youth parliaments focused more attention on Solomon's youth as a growing awareness of the potential of youth in the democratic process and development of the nation.

Solomons, 16 December 2009: Recent warnings by two senior politicians in Honiara regarding the possibility of future outbreaks of hostilities, likened to what happened during the past "ethnic tension," unless the "genuine grievances" of the people of Guadalcanal and Malaita are effectively dealt with, including issues of land ownership and tenure, as well as an equal disbursement of work schemes and employment, pose very serious concerns and it is hoped the government initiatives underway to examine the land questions and to tackle the outstanding matters pertaining to truth and reconciliation, will alleviate those concerns.

A big concern is, and will remain, given the existing economic outlook and climate, the question of job creation and the promotion of livelihood opportunities, especially for the economically excluded and socially vulnerable youth living in the mushrooming squatter like settlements around the national capital.


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