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Youth job fair offers kids summer work, 02 April 2015 - UTICA, NY - A youth job fair in Utica had about 200 kids spent their spring break trying to secure work for the summer months.

On hand at the Parkway Rec Center, several businesses as well as the city and county youth bureaus.

In Utica - close to 80 jobs are open and county-wide - upwards of 150 jobs.

For most, this was their first time learning about job applications and resumes. And while they may be excited to earn a paycheck, their parents are excited that they won't be home playing video games all summer.

Lonnie Jenkins, Utica Recreation Director, “I think the parents hope their kids can earn a little money so they can pay for school supplies, sneakers. I think that’s important. I had six kids come through here. I would rather see them working. It's life skills. You gotta get out and work at the age of 16 or 14 just to get your feet wet.”

Today’s job fair was for those ages 14 to 21.


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