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A Study on Informal Apprenticeship in Malawi

— theme: Skills for Youth
— country: Global, Other Countries, Other Regions
— type: Studies

ILO, Employment Sector Report No. 92011, 2010 - This study aims at providing a better understanding of the informal apprenticeship system in Malawi in order to inform policies for upgrading the system. It argues that informal apprenticeship is embedded in local norms, customs and traditions which have evolved historically, and which are enforced within the social network. These mechanisms provide the incentives to master craftspeople and apprentices to participate in apprenticeship, and also determine weaknesses in the system in terms of skills development, decent work, labour market and development objectives. The report forms part of the ILO’s work programme on informal apprenticeship, and the findings help build the knowledge base to inform policy-making in leading to improving informal apprenticeship systems.

Aggarwal, Ashwani; Hofmann, Christine; Phiri, Alexander
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