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Employment policies for sustainable recovery and development

— theme: Youth Employment, Youth Employment Policies and Programmes, Entering the World of Work
— country: Global
— type: Reports

This background report has been prepared by the Office in line with the guidance provided at the 317th Session of the ILO Governing Body. Chapter 1 begins by reviewing the impact of the continuing global crisis on economic and employment trends in diverse national and regional contexts. Chapter 2 reports on the action taken, principally by the Office, in the follow-up to the 2010 resolution on the first recurrent discussion on employment, covering the areas of priority action identified by the ILC and endorsed by the Governing Body at its 309th Session in November 2010. Chapter 3 concludes with possible ways forward, particularly in the context of the internal reform set in motion by the Director-General and the areas of critical importance (ACIs) contained in the Programme and Budget for 2014-15.

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