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Skills Beyond School

— theme: Skills for Youth, Entering the World of Work
— country: Korea (The Republic of)
— type: Working Papers

Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training (KRIVET), 2011 - This report is focused on the programmes and institutions at Junior Colleges and Polytechnic colleges within Korea’s post-secondary VET, as defined according to OECD guidelines established under the SBS project. The key contents of the analysis center on access route, funding and governance, qualification framework, teaching, career guidance, quality assurance, and so on. The framework of the analysis is to determine how skill formation in post-secondary VET can be aligned with the needs of the labour market. In the process, the study tackles the policy issues and challenges confronting post-secondary VET in Korea, and derives policy suggestions to address these issues and challenges based on the analysis. The study analyzes six challenges and five policy issues to assist policy makers frame the policy debate and to address thechanging environment in Korean post-secondary VET.

Hyung Man Kim·Cheonsik Woo Kirak Ryu·Seok-young Oh
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