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Tracer Study 2013 (Vocational Education and Training in Lao PDR)

— theme: Youth Employment, Skills for Youth
— country: ASEAN, Asia, Lao PDR
— type: Studies

This report is the result of joint efforts involving the Department of Technical and Vocational Education (DTVE) of the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Lao-German Program ‘Human Resource Development for Market Economy’ (HRDME III) and contracted consultants. This report follows similar undertakings, namely the National Baseline Tracer Study 2006 and the National Tracer Study 2011 and tries to provide comparable information. However, due to changing circumstances the focus of this year’s tracers study shifted towards Integrated Vocational Education and Training (IVET) Schools keeping a number of TVET institutions as control group in the sample. On the other hand more detailed information has been collected from employers of graduates of vocational training institutions thereby allowing a better analysis to be conducted directly relating to the relationship between vocational training and labour markets. The Tracer Study 2013 (TS-13) was conducted from April to October 2013 by Lao-German Development Consulting in cooperation with DTVE and the respective schools.

Lao-German Development Consulting
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