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Tracer Study Non-formal Vocational Education and Training in Lao PDR Final Report 2014

— theme: Youth Employment, Skills for Youth, Entering the World of Work, Most vulnerable Youth
— country: ASEAN, Asia, Greater Mekong Sub-Region, Lao PDR
— type: Studies

This report is the result of joint efforts the Department of Technical and Vocational Education (DTVE) of the Ministry of Education and Sports, the Lao-German Program ‘Human Resource Development for Market Economy’ (HRDME III) and contracted consultants. Non-formal vocational training in Lao PDR has its roots in general adult education, especially related to alphabetisation. On this background the IVET concept was developed to connect these vocational training efforts closer to formal vocational training. Despite the fact that IVET had been officially introduced as pilot project in 2003 the approach is relatively new and therefore specific information and experiences are rare. Non-formal VET is a specific part of the IVET approach and of great importance to continuously achieve the integrated approach in order to ensure inclusion of disadvantaged youth into training and lay thereby foundations for employment or self-employment thereby improving income and livelihood of those target groups. This study tries to close the gap and provides specific information about non-formal training, its organisation, former participants and changes in their professional life after participation in such courses. The Non-formal Tracer Study 2014 (NFTS-14) was conducted from April to June 2014 by Lao-German Development Consulting in cooperation with DTVE and the respective schools.

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